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Fine 19th Century Indian Rajput Sousan Patah

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Fine 19th Century Indian Rajput Sousan Patah

Here we have an extremely fine Indian Sousan Patah sword natively known as a Katti sword. This example is, of fine quality, possibly made for presentation or even nobility. The sword is constructed of fine quality steel, which has been chiseled with depictions of Hindu deities. Parts of the blade have been darkened, whereas the edge has been polished to produce a visual delight. The hilt is of super quality, perforated borders, covered with silver & gold work also depicting images of Hindu goddesses. Arguably, this sword shows every skill a swordsmith could possibly use to produce a fine quality sword. The blade & hilt are in almost perfect condition and the blade edge is still amazingly sharp. A real example of Indian craftsmenship.

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Ref: WMIS11