UK Ivory Ban & The Sikh Kirpan

Details of our petition:

Add an exemption to the Ivory Bill for the Sikh Kirpan.

Baptised Sikhs are permitted by UK law to carry the ceremonial knife called the Kirpan. Many Kirpans are inherited heirlooms & most historic, antique versions contain ivory handles. We want exemption for Sikhs to be able to carry previously, legally purchased antique Kirpans under the new ivory law.

We do not support the trade in ivory, we are only requesting protection & continued freedom of use of any antique Kirpan legally owned before the new ivory law comes into action. As mentioned, historic Kirpans could contain more than 10% ivory. As many practicing Sikhs will continue to travel abroad, we are very concerned that the Kirpan, if constructed of ivory may be confiscated or destroyed. We request that suitable exemptions are put in place to avoid disruption to the Sikh community.


Download the Ivory Bill 2018